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Our Mission

Our mission is to bridge the gap between Job-seekers and Employers by providing them a perfect platform where Job-seekers can explore their career opportunities and Employers, their desired talent.

We do this by;

  1. Being a career guide for Job-seekers to land their dream Jobs in Afghanistan through;
    • Developing their potential and polishing their existing skills and knowledge.
    • Assisting them in acquiring new skills and competencies required for their professional career.
    • Exposing them to potential Employers throughout Afghanistan and abroad.
  2.  Being a recruitment partner of Employers to attract and recruit the reliable and top notch talent by;
    • Expanding their reach to the majority of professionals throughout Afghanistan and abroad.
    • Assisting them in adding value to the recruitment process from scratch to end by providing them smart and innovative HR solutions to become a prominent and trusted Employer in Afghanistan.

Honesty, accountability, reliability, attention to detail and the commitment to working for the excellence , growth and success of whom we serve, are the values that guide us to achieve our mission and empower the communities where we work. We believe in hard, while at the same time, innovative and smart work by bringing the modern knowledge, practices and expertise to all those associated with us.

We are playing our part in coordinating Afghan Jobs moving side by side with Jobs Afghanistan, acbar jobs , , Kabul Jobs and  acbar job list, focusing on UN Jobs in Afghanistan, Government Jobs, US embassy Jobs and private organizations in Afghanistan.

 وبسایت  جابلس یک واسطه کامل کاریابی در افغانستان میباشد  که از طریق آن کارجویان می توانند فرصت های حرفه ای کار را اکتشاف داده از فرصت های اشتغالزای در سازمان های مختلف خصوصی، ملی و بین المللی مانند اعلان کاریابی شرکت های خصوصی ، اعلان کاریابی جدید وظایف دولتی، سفارت امریکا در کابل، ملل متحد ، وغیره نهاد ها مستفید شده، صاحب وظیفه شوند.  جابلس تلاش دارد تا در هماهنگ ساختن وظیفه ها با افغان ها مانند سایت کاریابی اکبر وغیره  سایت ها نقش خویش را ایفا نموده مصدر خدمت هموطنان عزیز گردد.